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Quality Policy

The objective of each and every person in CCF is to deliver a good service to the customer


Our Mission: We recognise that Quality Assurance in a labour intensive industry is vital, and as such, all levels of our staff are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the required level of service. We believe it our job to tell the client about the standard of service we are providing rather than for the client to have to ask.

Commitment to Quality using Risk based thinking: Top management is committed to: 
Satisfying applicable requirements by ensuring that customer and regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently met.  
Continual improvement of the QMS is met by ensuring the risks and opportunities that can affect conformity of products and services and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction are determined  and addressed and the focus on  enhancing customer satisfaction is maintained.

Our Suppliers: We build relationships with our suppliers who are trustworthy and reliable they are our long term partners

Training: Our staff are generally trained on site by Area Management to ensure that they have the right attitude to standards of service and hygiene within the location environment and the knowledge and skills to do their job effectively. CCF recognises that the training and Development of its employees plays an important part towards achieving the company mission. All employees should be clear on the part they can play in this, and have the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the key company goal of customer delight.

Human Resources:  Finding the best person for the job is a highly developed 
skill at CCF. Our approach, perfect over 30 years, combined with the latest
 techniques in selection and appraisal, puts CCF ahead of the 
competition. Staff motivation is extremely important in producing high 
standards, and this is emphasised in our approach to all staff matters.

Total Commitment: Our staff are carefully recruited from a 
variety of sources including recommendation, and advertisements in
 local newspapers, and Job Centres. When undertaking new contracts, 
consideration is also given to employing members of the existing
 workforce, subject to our clients agreement and approval.

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