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4. Window Cleaning

Leading supplier

Contract Cleaning & Facilities are leading suppliers of glazing cleaning services for both old and new buildings.


Our expertise is such that we can service multi-storey offices, business centres, stores, shopping precincts, concourses, and leisure centres and also historic buildings spanning hundreds of years.


Glazing plays an increasingly important part in modern architecture. Throughout the evolution of building design, cleaning techniques have needed to rise to the challenge of regularly keeping windows clean in places which are often very exposed and inaccessible.


As a major service provider in this field we have kept pace with developments by introducing innovative cleaning methods, and by using the very latest safe access technology and equipment available.




Tucker® Pole System incorporating "spot free" water technology

A spot-free window wash for every office building, school, factory, hospital, church, residential facility, or hotel. From the ground to up to 83 feet (25 meters). No ladders, scaffolding or hydraulic platforms. No squeegee. Multiple brush options - a brush for every job including windows, walls, awnings, signs, cladding, fascias, vehicles, marine craft and more! Clean Plexiglas to rough surfaces with the right brush.


Why 100% pure water for cleaning?

Pure water leaves absolutely no residue.

Most window cleaning processes use chemical detergents. Although the window may look clean, there is actually a thin film of detergent left on the glass. This residue attracts dust and dirt - so your windows will soon be dirty again. The inside walls of the glass in double-glazing panels are cleaned with pure water for this very reason and by using it on your windows, you can make sure that they stay clean for longer.


Safety Assured

CCF fully recognise the potential hazards which window cleaning can present, both to our cleaners and to any person in the immediate vicinity when cleaning is taking place and at all times the utmost of care is always provided.


Naturally we are fully insured.


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